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Did you know that in addition to our extensive board of beautiful print models, Sirena Models’s Fit Division is one of the top 3 in the nation.  Fit Models, shortened from Fitting Model, is often mistaken with the term Fitness Models (models that have a extremely developed muscular physique) which they are not.  Ever wonder how those perfect jeans wear so well or that shirt hangs so nice on you?  Fit Models are used by fashion designers or clothing companies to check the visual appearance and feel of a garment on a real person. This can be used to shape everything from denim jeans, blouses, bikinis to rain coats. The model has been chosen not for their appearance but rather for the measurements and proportions of their body type. Designers have very specific measurements for the hips, bust, waist, shoulder, arm length, inseam, outseam as well as many others reference points. Fit models are usually bigger than print models with sizes 4, 6, and 8. They are trying to match and create a template with those exact measurements.  The job of the fit model is to give experienced feedback on the fit, movement, and feel of the garment and relay those one on one with the designers. The designers will pin and mark the changes and modify the clothing with each session’s feedback.  This process usually happens several times before an exact perfect fit is achieved.  Sizing up and down from that finished garment is called grading.

Visit Sirena Models’ fit model agency division’s website:

Fit agency model

denim or jeans fit model
Denim or jeans fit model

fit model jeans

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