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Sirena Models Belvedere Vodka Party

Sirena Models always has busy weekdays but this weekend was quite busy as well.  We had Crystal working an all day catalog shoot in San Diego Saturday, Audrey working a 5 day job in Amsterdam, Holland from Friday to Tuesday for the leading 3D Virtual Software company, and Belvedere Vodka booked 7 of our models for  two full days at their pre-party for the MTV Video Music Awards.  It was an amazing pool side party held at incredible hotspot The Roosevelt Hotel across from the Kodak Theater.  The sun was out and the weather was a perfect 82 degrees.  The morning was quite relaxing for the girls, but after 2 pm things really started to heat up as the crowd of VIPs mingled in the pool area and cooled off at the open bar. Loud speakers pumped the music and Hip Hop singer B.o.B. jumped up onto the stage overlooking the pool and belted out some tunes.  It was Hollywood at its finest.

Belvedere Vodka Party Pics

Sirena Models owner Charlotte Wild seen at the Belvedere Vodka open bar. Guest relaxing in the awesome Roosevelt Hotel pool.  Kathryn, Kelli and Tiffany looking stunning.


Roosevelt Hotel-pool-party

Hip Hop singer B.o.B. up on the stage overlooking the pool around 4:30 and entertained the partying crowds at the super fun exclusive party. Charlotte and model Cat who missed the earlier Sirena Models group shot.


Jason Wild Sirena Models Party

Party guests looking cool by the pool. Jason, Sirena’s marketing director, enjoying the beautiful surroundings with Models from left to right: Arianna, Georgianna, Margaux, Kathryn, Kelli, and Tiffany.

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Did you know that in addition to our extensive board of beautiful print models, Sirena Models’s Fit Division is one of the top 3 in the nation.  Fit Models, shortened from Fitting Model, is often mistaken with the term Fitness Models (models that have a extremely developed muscular physique) which they are not.  Ever wonder how those perfect jeans wear so well or that shirt hangs so nice on you?  Fit Models are used by fashion designers or clothing companies to check the visual appearance and feel of a garment on a real person. This can be used to shape everything from denim jeans, blouses, bikinis to rain coats. The model has been chosen not for their appearance but rather for the measurements and proportions of their body type. Designers have very specific measurements for the hips, bust, waist, shoulder, arm length, inseam, outseam as well as many others reference points. Fit models are usually bigger than print models with sizes 4, 6, and 8. They are trying to match and create a template with those exact measurements.  The job of the fit model is to give experienced feedback on the fit, movement, and feel of the garment and relay those one on one with the designers. The designers will pin and mark the changes and modify the clothing with each session’s feedback.  This process usually happens several times before an exact perfect fit is achieved.  Sizing up and down from that finished garment is called grading.

Visit Sirena Models’ fit model agency division’s website:

Fit agency model

denim or jeans fit model
Denim or jeans fit model

fit model jeans

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Last Friday evening we kicked off shooting our much anticipated Sirena Models Fashion Video Series. The model, Sarah, make-up artist Briana, and I met downtown around 5:30 to start make-up and a bit of hair styling for that evening’s planned fashion video shoot around downtown Los Angeles. We finished make-up and hair and started to play around with a few wardrobe pieces while waiting for the video director. He was running a bit late in the heavy L.A. traffic. The model looked absolutely stunning so I popped out my camera and Hensel Porty Beauty Dish with white diffusion sock. I had to rush quickly to capture a few shots in the last few remaining fragments of light. Nothing planned, just a short 10-15 minute shoot resulted in some surprising results. I will post more shots later with another outfit. The first four shots were just before sun down and the last one with black pants is taken during the video shoot later that night using a 1200 Hensel Ring Flash. The fashion video shoot went off so great later that evening and is being edited right now. It was one very stunning sexy fashion shoot.  I will probably be posting a short clip straight from camera later this evening. Enjoy!

Model: Sarah C.
Make-up: Briana Martinez
Photography and Styling: Jason Wild
Location: Downtown Los Angeles  June 18, 2010

Sexy model in los angeles before shoot

Model looking very sexy in downtown los angeles minutes before video shoot

Over the shoulder smuldering look from model

Over the shoulder look from model in the last minutes of daylight

Hot model sheer top leather

A very sultry glance from the model with leather jacket, denim skirt, biker belt, slightly sheer white tank top and dangling necklace

Full body shot of model wearing denim skirt and leather jacket

Full body shot of beautiful model wearing denim skirt and leather jacket

Behind the scenes ring flash photo of sexy model

Behind the scenes ring flash photo of night video shoot

Just a quick thrown together clip until video is completely color corrected and edited.

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In case you missed the Undrest Swimwear segment on Fox 11 News Thursday, here it is.  Featuring two of our newest models and their perfect swim bodies.  Kelli and Caroline had a fun time down in Venice Beach modeling the swimswear with owner and designer of Undrest.  Check out the video below.

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The huge European auto parts company Febi / Bilstein based in Germany, just got through shooting their 2011 calendar. Luckily Sirena Models was there to shoot the behind the scenes video footage that came out incredible.  Tiffany T. of Sirena Models was booked for 2 days to shoot in the California desert near Joshua Tree. View Tiffany’s recently updated portfolio here. She looked absolutely stunning at the shoot and the western ghost town location was unbelievable.  Along with Tiffany was Director/DP Gregg Atwell, an experienced and talented video director working with Sirena Models and our client Febi, to capture all of the very sexy footage. Sirena’s own Jason Wild was there as well working on the video production and testing new video equipment. We just got back to L.A. a couple of days ago but here is a sneak peek of one of the scenes.  The completed video of the shoot with many more set-ups and scenes will be posted shortly.  You will not want to miss it because it is about as hot as it gets.

Below are a few video frame grabs from one of the many scenes to come.  Check back soon for full uploaded video!

Behind the scenes model tiffany and german photographer Christian

Behind the scenes of model Tiffany and German super photographer Christian

Model Tiffany shaded under desert sun

Model Tiffany shaded under the 93 degree blazing desert sun

febi kalendar photo shoot

The Febi 2011 calender crew, Febi client Michel and model Tiffany

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Updated Model Photos -

Loaded up a new batch of random shots from our various models to keep you fashionistas and model-mavens satisfied. It has been a really busy month with some high-end client jobs and planning for some big things this Spring.  These last few months have been spent getting ready to launch our new under-wraps Visual Fashion Project that will truly be exciting and innovative, so keep checking back for what’s new within the Sirena agency.

Click on each picture to load supersize images.

Model – Dominique So.

An editorial dream, Dominique has the experience and the look that editors love.  Here are a few newer shots of her that we will add to her already impressive portfolio.
stilleto-model-hotstreet-fashion-modelingvogue-fashion-model editorial-model


Model – Holly P.

She has just changed her hair to red from a sandy blonde.  From the pictures it suits her well.  In these photos Holly is seen frolicking in the spring shrubs and playing on the beaches of Malibu in her sexy swimsuit.  View more shots of the model in this bikini here.


Model – Mei L.

An absolute beauty that looks stunning in every photo. Mei spends part of the year in Canada and part-time here in Los Angeles modeling.  These studio photos of her below show her during a fashion catalog shoot.


Model – Nicole B.

This leggy blonde model has really started to get her portfolio in gear.  Nicole comes straight off the beaches and exemplifies the California look and feel. A natural blonde, tanned, and as sweet as can be! Nicole was a discovered by our scout on the sands of Huntington Beach California last summer.  


Model – Laura N.

Our model / actress, Laura has a few new shots from recent jobs. One is from an awesome shoot on a luxury yacht off the coast in Newport Harbor! More photos from this recent luxury shoot will be posted soon.


Model – Samantha P.

Going from blonde to brunette recently doesn’t matter for Samantha, her natural beauty is all we see. Whether in contemporary clothing of a sultry swimsuit, her versatility is one of her strong points.


Model – Jacqueline D.

A very tall model that looks outstanding in her new photos. Photos of model shot in Miami near the white sand beaches.


Model – Audrey M.

Always looking gorgeous, Audrey’s smile can make any shot great. These photos taken in the studio with a pink backdrop.  Last shot is reminiscent of a Hollywood pin-up girl.

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Sirena Models’ Sarah C. gets some of her first shots back for her building portfolio.  Pretty cool shoots with some very sexy shots.  Sara has beautiful blonde hair and an absolutely perfect smile, what she lacks in experience she makes up for in personality and charm.  Consider this fresh faced model to spice up your next photo shoot.  Contact Sirena Models at 1-818-232-7341.

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Remetee Clothing, a higher-end offshoot of world famous Affliction Clothing booked 3 Sirena Models in their latest campaign shoot last week so we were only sent a few early samples.  The photography and models resulted in some great images with more to come soon.  Congratulations to our new model Amy R., the blonde in the images, who we just signed on and has booked 2 jobs in the last week or so.  Also booked was beautiful Tanja P., the brunette, and male model Jason S.

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Model Sherina M:  from background to lead role in Vitamin Water Campaign!
sherina-vitamin-water-blogI want to share with you, what can happen when you make yourself available, even on very short notice. Friday we called our long time model, Sherina M., shortly before 7:00am for a last minute background role in a major print campaign. She picks up the phone, is available and able to be on set at 10:00am the same morning!  She shows up to the shoot looking amazing and stands out among the extras. The client loves her unique look and asks her on the spot to shoot one of the lead roles instead, thereby bumping her pay by 5 times as much!  Needless to say, Sherina was very happy, and so are we, that she picked up her phone early in the morning.  Congratulations, Sherina, on the job!  Let me take this opportunity to again remind all Sirena models of the importance of being available: taking the calls, answering your emails, in short being a professional model!  It does pay off.

UPDATE! May 2010
Sherina’s job for Vitamin Water is now out on billboards and magazines nationwide. Just got back from Vegas and saw this monster sized ad displayed on the biggest TV Billboard on Las Vegas Blvd.
One of the samples the client sent us is shown below.

Here are a few shots of our three Newest Models, Selina, 5’8″, Julianna 5’10″, and Kelli, 5’11.


Beautiful Model – Beautiful Colors
Studio photo shots of model Selina
Composite photos of Selina
Miami Magazine editorial shoot

Julianna – 5’10″

Julianna modeling swimwear
Black and white photo of Julianna

Red fashion Mola light
Julianna looking stunning on location

Kelli – 5’11″

Kelli in nice Beauty photo

Model Kelli on the run
Bikini in the studio

Gorgeous face for this 5’11″ model
Snow bunny or beach bunny?

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New Music Release!
Sirena Models 5’10″ Laurie M. is a talented singer, songwriter and of course stunning model.  Click to take a listen to the song below!  The song “ALONE” is featured for a MARCH release under UK dance music record label DEEP BLUE, to listen more and read more info go to:  Laurie recently returned from SAIGON, Vietnam where she performed for 300,000 people for NYE 2010 Heneiken Countdown celebration!!  Laurie also has other music releases coming out in 2010 so stay tuned.  We loved her music and her beautiful voice is on par with the rest of Laurie.

Click on model photos below to view larger images!
Gorgeous model beauty photo and Red hot couture fashion photo.
Two beautiful casual lifestyle modeling photos taken at the beautiful Southern California beaches.
Spectacular magic hour photo of Laurie at Zuma Beach California and Sexy studio shot of Laurie.
Studio beauty shot of Laurie and Casual summer clothes shot for catalog.

To view more beautiful photos and complete stats, check out Laurie’s entire modeling portfolio here.

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