Model Sherina M:  from background to lead role in Vitamin Water Campaign!
sherina-vitamin-water-blogI want to share with you, what can happen when you make yourself available, even on very short notice. Friday we called our long time model, Sherina M., shortly before 7:00am for a last minute background role in a major print campaign. She picks up the phone, is available and able to be on set at 10:00am the same morning!  She shows up to the shoot looking amazing and stands out among the extras. The client loves her unique look and asks her on the spot to shoot one of the lead roles instead, thereby bumping her pay by 5 times as much!  Needless to say, Sherina was very happy, and so are we, that she picked up her phone early in the morning.  Congratulations, Sherina, on the job!  Let me take this opportunity to again remind all Sirena models of the importance of being available: taking the calls, answering your emails, in short being a professional model!  It does pay off.

UPDATE! May 2010
Sherina’s job for Vitamin Water is now out on billboards and magazines nationwide. Just got back from Vegas and saw this monster sized ad displayed on the biggest TV Billboard on Las Vegas Blvd.
One of the samples the client sent us is shown below.

Here are a few shots of our three Newest Models, Selina, 5’8″, Julianna 5’10″, and Kelli, 5’11.


Beautiful Model – Beautiful Colors
Studio photo shots of model Selina
Composite photos of Selina
Miami Magazine editorial shoot

Julianna – 5’10″

Julianna modeling swimwear
Black and white photo of Julianna

Red fashion Mola light
Julianna looking stunning on location

Kelli – 5’11″

Kelli in nice Beauty photo

Model Kelli on the run
Bikini in the studio

Gorgeous face for this 5’11″ model
Snow bunny or beach bunny?

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