Last Friday evening we kicked off shooting our much anticipated Sirena Models Fashion Video Series. The model, Sarah, make-up artist Briana, and I met downtown around 5:30 to start make-up and a bit of hair styling for that evening’s planned fashion video shoot around downtown Los Angeles. We finished make-up and hair and started to play around with a few wardrobe pieces while waiting for the video director. He was running a bit late in the heavy L.A. traffic. The model looked absolutely stunning so I popped out my camera and Hensel Porty Beauty Dish with white diffusion sock. I had to rush quickly to capture a few shots in the last few remaining fragments of light. Nothing planned, just a short 10-15 minute shoot resulted in some surprising results. I will post more shots later with another outfit. The first four shots were just before sun down and the last one with black pants is taken during the video shoot later that night using a 1200 Hensel Ring Flash. The fashion video shoot went off so great later that evening and is being edited right now. It was one very stunning sexy fashion shoot.¬† I will probably be posting a short clip straight from camera later this evening. Enjoy!

Model: Sarah C.
Make-up: Briana Martinez
Photography and Styling: Jason Wild
Location: Downtown Los Angeles  June 18, 2010

Sexy model in los angeles before shoot

Model looking very sexy in downtown los angeles minutes before video shoot

Over the shoulder smuldering look from model

Over the shoulder look from model in the last minutes of daylight

Hot model sheer top leather

A very sultry glance from the model with leather jacket, denim skirt, biker belt, slightly sheer white tank top and dangling necklace

Full body shot of model wearing denim skirt and leather jacket

Full body shot of beautiful model wearing denim skirt and leather jacket

Behind the scenes ring flash photo of sexy model

Behind the scenes ring flash photo of night video shoot

Just a quick thrown together clip until video is completely color corrected and edited.

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