We used a Ring Flash and a Beauty Dish separately to get these awesome photo results. Each resulted in very different look and style.  Martina, one of our popular 5’9″ fashion catalog models, came by the Sirena Agency office yesterday to get a few current fashion / glamour shots to add to her online portfolio.  We were originally planning to shoot on the rooftop outside (look for that photo shoot in the future), but had an unusual Los Angeles rainy morning. With a change of plans we ended up just having a quick 15 minute shoot inside utilizing Sirena Models’ vast array of photography equipment.  Using the ring flash, a doughnut shaped light that goes around the camera lens, resulted in the Maxim style glamour shots.  Arms and legs show a streak of highlight with a shadowed fall-off that accentuates the models body.  A few of the shots were taken with the Hensel Beauty Dish, a studio light attachment that looks like a big chinese wok, giving photos a nice and soft yet crisp beauty look.  A 20 percent grid was also used on the Beauty Dish to enhance the shadows and concentrate the light with even fall-off from center.  Hair and Make-up was done by the model herself in just a few minutes in the changing room. Please enjoy the shots and if looking for an experienced model for your next shoot, please keep the beautiful Martina P. in mind and call Sirena models at 818-232-7341. All photos Jason Wild.  Martina’s portfolio photos here.

Ring flash light used for this shot

Ring flash light used for this beautiful shot

Martina photo taken with Hensel Beauty Dish

Gorgeous Martina photo taken with Hensel Beauty Dish

Maxim style simwsuit photo taken with Ring Flash

Maxim style swimsuit photo taken with a Ring Flash

Another ring flash photo of super hot model Martina

Another ring flash photo of super hot model Martina

Beauty dish fashion studio shot

Beauty dish fashion shot of sultry looking model Martina

Body shot using a beauty dish by Hensel

Beautiful face and perfect body shot using a beauty dish

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